CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU - Brough Community Centre, by appointment only - Thursdays  9.30 to 11.30am, call 01405 720866. Funded by the Town Council. The Citizens Advice Bureau are looking for volunteers in this area, if you can help please call 01405 720866 for more information
Town Council office:
60 Welton Road (access from Skillings Lane) 01482 665600
Opening Times: Tues, Wed, Thurs
9.30am to 12.30pm
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Brough Voluntary Action are desperately short of volunteer drivers - if you can you help please call BVA on 667271.  Brough Voluntary Action provide transport to hospital appointments, doctors, shopping etc.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council   
Call 393939 and ask for the service you require or visit the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Customer Service Centre within Brough Petuaria Centre, Centurion Way, Brough, HU15 1AY     Tel: 393939
Opening Times
Mon, Weds, Fri - 9.00am - 5.00pm
Tues, Thurs - 9.00am - 8.00pm
Sat - 9.30am - 12.30pm

Brough SouthWard Councillor Tony Galbraith, Chairman of the new Brough South Liaison Group, is to hold a public consultation meeting at 3pm on Saturday 26th July 2014 at Brough Community Centre (within the Petuaria Centre). The purpose of the meeting is to consider how the Liaison Group should consult with the public and which matters should be considered at the early meetings of the Liaison Group. Suggestions as to what social and recreational facilities should be provided in the non-residential sections of the Brough South site will be welcome. All local residents and representatives of local organisations are welcome to attend.

A Remembrance Service is to be held at the War Memorial at 12 noon on 4th August 2014 - to mark the 100th Anniversary of the day Britain entered the World War 1

Hull City Council Boundary Proposals - You may have read in the local press that Hull City Council has asked for its boundaries to be extended to take in what it considers to be the built-up area. Somewhat surprisingly this includes as far out as Elloughton-cum-Brough. ERYC proposes to hold a postal ballot for all those potentially affected. The Ballot Papers will be sent out on 8th September 2014 to be returned by 26th September 2014. If you have a view on whether Elloughton-cum-Brough ought to be part of the City of Hull it is very important that you use your postal vote to express your opinion. A low return of ballot papers could be used to say that we don’t care either way. Please feel free to email me to let me know what you think - Bryan Davis, Chairman of Elloughton-cum-Brough Town Council, bjdavis.karoo.co.uk

Planning- Information, including 'frequently asked questions' and current/approved/refused Planning Applications, can be viewed  on the East Riding Council's planning portal: ERYC New Public Access .  

Planning applications may also be viewed at Brough Library (Petuaria Centre, Centurion Way) - opening times:   Mon, Wed, Fri - 9am to 5pm, Tues & Thurs - 9am to 8pm, Saturdays - 9.30am to 12.30pm

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Community Groups - social and recreational groups for all ages, youth groups and voluntary organisations

Elloughton-cum-Brough Community Led Planning Group - an independent community led group

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